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Data, Metrics & KPI's in TA - How To Get It Right 


This week Sara has invited no other than Mike "Batman" Cohen to help you get everything around metrics and KPI's right!

This is for you in Talent Acquisition who'd like to master the data that will highlight the business value your efforts generate - to help support your budget! How nice?

Mike has worked with a diverse group of clients including: Uber, Whole Foods, The New York Times, Waste Management, GIPHY, Relativity Space, Wyman Gordon, Walter P. Moore, and more.

Batman has the energy of a nuclear power station and contributes articles to SourceCon and RecruitingDaily, is the VP of the Executive Board with ATAP, sits on the board for the L&D Cares organization, is on the Planning Committee for SourceCon, a member of the event management staff for Sourcing Summit, and a conference organizer for Global TA Day.

What you'll learn:

- Why and how to start working data-driven in TA
- What's the difference between metrics and KPI's 
- Why is it so important to measure, and what KPI's they recommend you to work with
- How can data help you hold your business partners accountable 
- How to base your efforts on efficiency 

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