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Way simpler.
Way smarter.
Way more talent.

Access the entire workforce through automated social recruitment marketing. We automate talent attraction, you welcome them onboard.

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Simplify Talent Attraction Through Automation

Amplify employer brand visibility, attract more people and augment the scale and diversity of your talent pools through the power of social media, machine learning and automation.

Adway is built for talent acquisition at scale and speed, letting you identify, reach and engage talent directly – without the manual lifting!

Save time, resource – and headaches – through automated social recruitment marketing. From requisition through application, Adway speeds up the attraction process, letting you recruit at scale.


Smarter Solutions for Today’s Recruitment Challenges

Manual sourcing is no longer enough. Smart technology identifies and targets the right talent pools, providing multi-touchpoint journeys and attracting talent – just like marketers attract customers. And better yet – it even gets better over time.

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Attract Way More Talent

  • Reach, connect, engage and hire more people
  • Create a multi-touchpoint ‘ecommerce’ journey
  • Enhance employer branding and visibility
  • Grow and diversify talent pools
  • Reduce cost and time to hire


Automated Recruitment Marketing

Reach more talent in less time with social media. Adway lets you target the right talent, promote live jobs and convert talent into applicants – without any manual effort


Activate Your Employer Brand

Understand how talent engages and deliver the right messages at the right time. Your brand becomes top of mind and top choice for talent when they’re ready

Resources, Insights and Accolades

We’re trailblazing recruitment marketing and want to help you find, connect and convert talent using technology. Let’s collaborate, share insights and learn together!

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Making Talent Acquisition Simpler, Smarter…And More Successful

We’re passionate about talent acquisition – just like you – and ambitious to deliver solutions to evolving talent challenges via the power of technology

Talent Acquisition Without Borders

In a remote working world, talent is everywhere – and so are we! Born in the Nordics and scaled across the globe, no matter the culture or language, get Adway working for you