Adway was born from the awakening that HR professionals spend too much time marketing to candidates and not enough time meeting them. Ever since it’s our mission to make sure the talent you look for is the talent you speak to.



Without great people, we wouldn’t have great technology and solutions. Talent and knowledge sit at the heart of Adway and our team. With their combined years of experience, they offer the best support and advice in every area of talent acquisition.

“We believe good things happen to organisations who find great people. The powers of data-driven talent acquisition spark infinite potential to do just that.”

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Adrian McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

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We believe it’s our mission to connect you with the best talent in the candidate market. We do that by combining social media job advertising, automation, advanced machine learning software and human expertise. As your data-driven talent acquisition partner, we support you in finding, connecting with, and converting relevant talent. All this, while ensuring your employer brand presence increases and you become their employer of choice

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Adrian McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian is an experienced company builder with a passion for automation, data and tech. He's been involved in developing new business models and emerging tech products in several countries. In other words, the perfect person to lead Adway.

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Sofia Eriksson

Head of People & Culture

As Head of People and Culture at Adway, Sofia's role is to find and foster the best-fit talents, who can help change the future of TA. Interested in joining the Adway team? Send her a message!

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Victor Göthensten

Chief Operating Officer

Victor is a digital marketer specialized in social media and has previously worked as a recruiter - This combined with a M.Sc. in product development and innovation makes him the perfect COO for Adway.

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Helena Brandt

Head of Legal

Helena has broad experience from different legal fields with a special focus on commercial contracts.

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Rohan Dickinson

Head of Partnerships

An experienced HR manager turned Sales professional with a deep passion and knowledge for the TA industry. Now he's helping companies meet their TA goals.

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Sara Dalsfelt

Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sara's all about creating strong relationships and hosts LinkedIn Lives about recruitment marketing every week. In addition to her invaluable insights on TA, she brings 10 years of enterprise and B2B marketing experience to the table.

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Viktor Nord

Head of Growth

As Head of Growth at Adway, Viktor partners with today’s biggest global companies to help them surpass their TA goals through superior employer branding, next-gen technologies, and data-driven automation in social media.

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Richard Sörensson

Head of Innovation

Richard is a senior developer and serial entrepreneur who’s spent more than 12 years developing cloud software in a broad range of industries. With his extensive background and proven expertise, Richard is beyond qualified to lead Adway’s Innovation team.

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