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Transform your existing ATS into a social sourcing machine!

The Adway effect

We use proven eCommerce tactics to ensure your ad reaches the right person at the right time.

Not only are you attracting talent like you would a customer, but you are also promoting your organisation.


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Understanding Social Talent Pools™

6Million+ candidates engaged
64000+ campaigns automated
2300+ recruiters supported
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Manage your talent pipeline from one platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS

Connect Portal

Oversee all your campaigns from all your recruiters in one easy-to-use portal. Track, monitor and manage:

  • • The impact your campaigns are having on your talent pipeline
  • • Your campaign engagements
  • • Your budget spend
  • • All your individual Recruiter Pages
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We're so addicted to data, we built a analytics engine for you!

Predict - our machine learning algorithm drives all our insights based on millions of historical data points. We consolidate all this data into an analytics engine.

What does this mean for you? Great question!

  • 💡 Benchmark your results against others in your industry.
    💡 Benchmark your results against other regions.
  • 💡Track how you are performing with regards to D, E & I at the source.

Essentially empowering you to fine tune you Talent Attraction Strategy in-line with your organisation's goals!

We're big on delivering returns for industry leaders

Get your TA strategy digitally relevant
with speed and ease

Tailored Creatives

Our team of creatives ensures clients' employer branding shines on social media with eye-catching designs that champion a company's culture.

Social Insights

Data analytics about talent behaviour and preferences that enable your team to make informed decisions and optimize their strategy.


ATS Intergration

Attract seamlessly integrates with any ATS. Your team runs and manages their social recruiting from within your ATS with full control of their budget.

Programmatic Delivery

Automated and data-driven process of targeting and delivering job ads to the most relevant audience segments on social media platforms, optimizing campaign performance and efficiency.

Landing pages

Dedicated web pages specifically designed to convert candidates providing a focused and tailored user experience.

Motion Ads

Engaging campaigns that incorporate animated or video elements to capture the attention of top talent. Break through the noise with video first assets and expand your storytelling.

Recruiter Pages

Your team can manage all their campaigns in one easy to use portal, follow the data in real time and watch their talent pools grow.

Expertise and support

Our dedicated teams to ensure your campaigns are our top priority. We're invested in ensuring you achieve the best possible results and returns.


Automation and our tailor made price packaging means your team can scale their recruitment marketing at scale. Publish hundreds of ads each year without having a marketer on your team.


Core Leader 2023

9.2 NPS Score


Best Recruiting Innovator