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Get the information you need to make the best hire straight into your ATS

  • Convert automatically populates the screening questions based on your ATS fields and feeds them back seamlessly.
  • However, you can easily customise and edit these based on your needs and the specifics of the role.

  • Do you use specific applicant screening tools? We integrate them with Convert.

  • Opt-out of requiring a CV or cover letter and streamline the candidate experience even further.

Why Convert increases your applicant conversion rate by 32.1%?

Because it centers the passive candidate experience!

And passive candidates are busy people.

Being busy people ourselves, we know that the current application journey leaves a lot to be desired for both candidates and recruiters.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we've improved it.

No need to scrap your current ATS and career page, Convert works with them to ensure a steady stream of quality talent for your organisation.

Will this work with my current ATS and/or screening software?


Our plug and play solution has been created to not replace your ATS, but supercharge it!

Are you a modern company who have abandoned the traditional CV + Cover Letter model of screening applicants? You're speaking our language!

Convert is designed to integrate with applicant screening software to make your life as a recruiter that much easier. 

How do I showcase the ROI?

Convert was developed to help recruiters maximise the return on their ad spend and save money!

Recruiters who had fantastic job ads, were struggling with massive drop off rates when it came to converting 'potential applicants' who clicked on their ads, into candidates who completed the application.

A clunky, out-of-touch applicant journey was letting them down!

Convert is here to change that and ensure the money you spend on your job ads, translates into a supreme talent pipeline.


Core Leader 2023

9.2 NPS Score


Best Recruiting Innovator