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Nurture your social talent
pools with tailored campaigns

First ad

Instagram Story (18)

The first enticing ad, alerting talent to an amazing opportunity at your company, goes out to a targeted audience.

Second evergreen ad

Instagram (21)

The second ad gets published as a reminder of the vacancy and provides a view of the company culture through an employee testimonial.

Third evergreen ad

Facebook--inside post (12)

A third ad, highlighting your standout EVP is pushed out to an even more refined audience.

Forth evergreen ad

Instagram (22)

A fourth ad is published as a reminder of the vacancy. The ad also further entices quality candidates to apply by showcasing any awards or reviews your company has received. Demonstrating social proof of your strength as an employer.

Fifth evergreen ad

Instagram Story (17)

A fifth ad, accelerates the urgency as a final push to convert your retargeted talent.

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Evergreen campaigns:
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