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Seamless Candidate Journey

Hire way more talent through simplified candidate application software that increases conversions and ensures that talent is tuned in, not turned off

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A Way Simpler Application Process

Never lose a candidate to a lengthy or non-mobile friendly application again. Adway streamlines talent attraction, delivering a fully branded and simplified application process that converts way more talent.

Contact details are auto captured from online social profiles, making it easy to apply and easy to review applications.

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Say Hello To Your Next Hire

A simpler, smarter application means more talent in less time

A Way Smarter Way to Recruit

Advanced screening technology lets you segment and categorise talent, streamlining the review process and putting time back in your day.

Gamified communication engages the applicant to encourage profile and application completion, while keeping them up to date with the progress of their application.


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Way Simpler.
Way Smarter.
Way More Talent. 

All companies should have access to the entire workforce. It should be easy, cost-effective and accessible to find the right people, anywhere on the planet.

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